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Uncommon provides a very good system for all volunteers to work on being a volunteer easier, you can participate in Online Volunteering, Part-Time Volunteering, or Independent Volunteering. So, don't believe when people say "being a volunteer is hard". Exactly, this system makes it easy! Join Us Now


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Uncommon's Network provides and organizes many activities for everyone to participate in. You can find any activity that suit you so well and would help you to succeed your goals to develop the society!


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UNCOMMON International Group has many major projects as network. All of them works to support the mativation for better society in variety topics. They work like an important frantic that is neccessary for Uncommon! View these projects and try choosing one to join!

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Uncommon Youth Prepares Someone to Help You

Having a problem? Feeling bad? Wanting someone to talk to? We are here for you. Uncommon Youth expects to work for people to have better mental health, especially youth's mental health. We have phychologist team to help you and be your friend. Let Us be With You Whenever....









Activities by UNCOMMON



A competition which organized by Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defence, Thailand. There were 174 projects sent to be competed in 2019. Uncommon was one of the finalists, received the fund to develop project 950 $ (Dollar US).

Finally, after running project around 2 months. Uncommon received the Excellent Social Movements Project Award, received award amount 315 $ (Dollar US).


A competition which organized by International Buddhism Moral Club. There were around 700+ teams competed. Uncommon was the Winner of this competition in 2020. Received scholarship amount 950 $ (Dollar US). The agents from Uncommon also got the scholarship to visit Europe 2 weeks (Canceled because of Covid-19 situation).

Furthermore, on this stage of competition, Uncommon also got more 2 special awards are Best Social Enterprise Award and Most Engagement Project Award.



This is my passion, my life, and my future :

I was in a poor family, because my mom lost money from cancer treatment and surgery up to 3 times. But she is still alive. She has always led me to do good things trying to repay fate with the rest of her life.

I was inspired by my mom’s story. So I started and founded Uncommon. I continuously develop this project. After having the opportunity to talk to more people in society, I realized that the scale of implementation of Uncommon at that time would not be enough to solve social problems effectively and sustainably.

I decided to study to create the website myself, tried to learn to improve my project, traveled to explore problems nationwide by train, and tried to access government agencies to help improve social policies.

Then I used the knowledge and skills I had; developing websites, skills, and ideas to build on it and expected my project to be expanded internationally in 2020.

For all the time that I walk on this path. I am passionate about learning about the future changes, thinking about the world in the future, and learning how to help people live and world better in the future. And I’m now the president of Uncommon (from elections), who always inspires the members to move the society forward together and develop the systems for future growth.


Uncommon International Group (UNG) is a network for social development running numerous and diverse projects related to social development including providing the opportunity for people in society to participate in development.

The main objectives of the project are to support people to take part in making changes for the future in sustainable ways, to develop a wide-spread impact online community, to support people and youths from worldwide to be leaders for social movements and development.

The goals are to promote sustainable social policies, to create a global community for social developments, raise the power of teenagers to take actions for changes, and promote human rights and equality for everyone.

By the insight report, this project succeeded in core goals of 2019, especially making social impacts. There are more than 5900 volunteer members participating in activities/projects (Increase 1,856.83%), and active 144 managers or part-time volunteers in UNG (Increase 450%). Uncommon also runs 12 major projects which 6 of them are scaling up to international level. It also received more positive feedback about quality and sustainability of social movements from surveying.

Nowadays, Uncommon is scaling up to international level and updating the platform structure to a new version that would affect millions of people worldwide to get benefits from volunteers, social policy from our projects, and reaching opportunities on education, getting support, etc.


Promote Sustainable Social Policies

Providing opportunities and designing processes for people in society for more involved in policy designing for society and to increase the flexibility of the policy to support social diversity.

Create a Global Community for Social Movements

Promote cultural diversity for international exchange of ideas, skills, perspectives, lifestyles, etc. To support the population in society to be ready to cope with global chang- es in the future and to apply opinions on various perspectives to be used in social project development and policy. To make ready to encourage the population to participate in supporting modern social policy.

Rise the Power of Teenagers to Take Actions for Changes

Support and encourage youth to participate in sustainable social development by creating opportunities in many dimensions and distributing opportunities for all youth to easily access social development processes such as encouraging youth to initiate social development projects, creating role models, and social aspirations, etc. especially creating a community that will exchange ideas and promote various perspectives and support each other to participate in social development.

Promote Human Rights and Equality for Everyone

Providing opportunities and designing the processes for project implementation to support diversity in order to reduce inequality and promote equality in society effectively. Support the expression of social development among all types of populations, lifestyles, and cultures.



Create opportunities and communities that will encourage people in society to participate in the basic social development process. It is based on the energetic global social development goals that lead to the result of an exchange of views on various cultures, concepts, lifestyles and skills. An important sub-strategy is to promote online communities and support / encourage the implementation of many independent social development projects under our helps and mediations.


After being able to create a central area that combines the power and ideas of people in society. Uncommon will promote and support social movements in many dimensions that applied from studies of changes in social project implementation in the modern world. The main sub-strategy is to encourage people in society to have the courage to express their ideas openly and receive diverse opinions from affected people and colleagues through joint actions to implement any social development project with teams with similar interests. This will encourage people who participate in our community to have a deep understanding of the social problems which they are trying to solve. This leads to the next strategy that will result insustainability and greater flexibility in social infrastructure and policies.


This strategy level encourage those individuals to develop their own projects to reach a point that reach quality studies of the impact of policies on issues of their interest. They mostly studied from those directly affected and from exchanging various development perspectives in the project developer community and the project participants in our community. These studies lead to the design of social development plans and policies. Uncommon provide opportunities for those who carry out various projects to push for sustainable social solutions by presenting the guidelines and plans for public policy of that problem to the relevant agencies.


Support the project developers in the network to extend and develop their own projects. To project implementation that will have long-term and sustainable results. And encourage projects to constantly develop and modernize strategies to prepare the social infrastructure to make ready for what would happen and change in the future. Uncommon also support to adjust the strategy of that project to get the most benefit from us. Especially promoting larger community development, supporting more diverse development concepts for effective project implementation.