Typing Book for The Blind

We would like to invite everyone. Come to be a part In supporting and helping the visually impaired or the blind

"Reading" is one method that helps to promote And further learning for all of us And the visually impaired They both love to read as well.

Typing book activities for the blind Organized by the cooperation of agencies related to the blind Which we will deliver the book that you printed For those agencies To continue creating in Belle books Or may be able to read through the program scan the text We therefore would like to invite everyone. Come to be a part In supporting and helping more visually impaired or blind people Read more

How to participate

Please follow this step

  • Type any type of book (Thai language) (except textbooks for learning materials) in Google Docs. If not, follow these steps.

  1. Download Google Drive for mobile.

  2. After downloaded Go to the Google Drive application and look at the button on the right corner, you'll see (+) sign.

  3. Click the (+) sign and look for Google Docs.

  4. Then click on Google Docs and type.

  • Set name as file + book name + publisher + own name.

  • Submit event By uploading files sent in the button "Submit / register" by submitting to Word file or .docx file extension only. No conversion to .pdf

Required information

  • Book cover image (Homepage)

  • Title

  • Introduction / Table of contents

  • Author info

  • Book content (Please fill in completely)

  • Reference (can be added as a photo)

  • Publisher / distributor / translation information, etc. (can be put into photos)

  • other


  • How to type with voice. Click here.

  • How to convert images to text. Click here.


  • To see an example of typing, click here.

  • The book must contain complete information and must submit the original. By creating an album on Google Drive and uploading a page image (all pages), then sharing the album link To send in the submission file How to send originals

  1. Go to the Google Drive application.

  2. Notice in the lower right corner. you'll see  (+) sign

  3. Click the (+) sign and look for the folders.

  4. Create Folders and name it "Original story book (Enter book title) "

  5. Click the (+) sign and look for Upload

  6. Upload all original images.

  7. Notice in the bottom right bar looking for the word Files (which shows the icon as a folder).

  8. Find the folder, Which the original was stored.

  9. Press the three dot icon on the right side of the folder and turn Link Sharing to On.

  10. Then click Copy Link to attach the link in the entry folder.


  • This activity can made as groups. And can issue the certificate to anyone who does it in the group (Issuing an individual certificate)

  • Note: All names must be submitted together with the works.

Confirmable Hour(s) Amount 

5-30 minutes / page (in the case of made as group with time division by number of members + 30 minutes)

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